EEClip eeprom programmer is designed to be easy to use Connect EEClip programmer and read or write in just 2 clicks Specific cables for each eeprom device category EEClip programmer supports more than 2000 eeproms

EEClip hardware and software features

  • Designed to be easy to use

    read or write a device in just 2 clicks.
  • Power supply

    no external power supply needed. It can also supply up to 300mA power to the connected (target) device. EECLIP can work both on 3V and 5V devices.
  • Autodetect:

    the software automatically recognizes the connected device.
  • Editor:

    you can use and connect the majority of the editors on the market (for instance 010 Editor, HxD, etc) with the EECLIP software.
  • Connecting cables:

    each cable is dedicated to specific device' categories (for instance with cable 93 you can read all kind of SOP8 93xx both 8 and 16 bits data).
  • Software Update:

    Internet automatic updates.
  • Supported devices:

    you can read and write more than 2000 devices in autodetect.


EEClip - Top view EEClip - With closed cover EEClip - Windows software